Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a weekend! We've had all sorts of crazy things going on. Friday was spent moving Treasa and Devan out of our basement. They got an apartment in Taylorsville. I'm sure they won't miss the hobo spiders! We also moved Ashlee up into Nolan's soon to be bedroom. Oh what a mess! I'll try to explain.
Sooo....Treasa got married to Devan last April. Poor, courageous, selfless Devan was called to serve a tour of duty in Iraq for a year. Poor, courageous, selfless Treasa was left all alone. My cousin Ashlee decided she wanted a bit of a change and asked if she could move in with Treasa while Devan was gone. Perfect! So Devan comes back. They've been apart for a year and Ashlee really doesn't want to be around for that, so she's floating around for a few days before Treasa and Devan move out.
Normally Ashlee would just go back downstairs after they move out, but it just so happens that my uncle is homeless for a month. He just sold his house and bought one in Centerville but the closing dates are a month apart. Perfect timing. So my Uncle Ray and his family move into our basement with the hobos. Meanwhile Ashlee moved up to Nolan's room for the month. Nolan is still sleeping in my room.
So, as I said Friday was spent moving Treasa and Devan out and Ashlee up and Saturday was spent digging a clog out of the irrigation ditch and moving Raymond in. I guess we have about a month's break until we have to move them back out and Ashlee back down. All the while coordinating showers and laundry and dishes so as to please everyone.
OH, and our dryer broke. We have 9 people living in this house right now and our dryer's broken. Fabulous. Josh has been looking for an excuse to buy a new one anyway. He wants it to match our washer. Whatever. I would have preferred it to continue working.
And my little girl is difficult. Today she had a talk in church. I admit, I completely spaced it until this morning. But since church starts at one, we had plenty of time to prepare. It was on temples. So I helped her write a talk on temples. She had the whole thing memorized. I just had to say the first word of each phrase. So we practice before church. Perfect. We practice during sacrament meeting, before primary. Perfect. Then we go to primary. She runs in and tries to go right to the pulpit, she's so excited. Cute, right? They tell her, "no Clara, not yet honey. You need to wait until its your turn." Okay. She sits down. Then they say her name and she walks up to the microphone, I stand by her. I give her the cue, "this". Nothing. I prompt her a little more. "This is a picture...". Nothing. I look at her and she's just standing there with a decided expression on her face. Not embarassment or fear or anything of that nature. Just a look that says she's not going to say anything. We were up there so long that the primary president came up and said, "Okay Clara, you just hold the picture and your mommy will do the talk for you." So I gave her talk.
I was very irritated. She did the whole thing on purpose. After church I asked her why she wouldn't say her talk. Papa is her teacher in primary. "Papa said I was scared." "Were you?" "No, I think he forgot." "Well then, why didn't you say anything" "I didn't want to." AAAAH! Come on! Its not like she's never done it before. She was really good last time. She just didn't feel like it today. Anyway, she wasn't allowed to have her cookie ice cream. I can't wait to see what happens next time!


Emily McKenzie said...

Oh Clara! That kid cracks me up. Moving Treasa actually wasn't that hard. She thought they had a lot of stuff. Please I've seen worse! I hope the dog continues to stay in the basement. And if your bored anytime while Josh is at work give me a call. I'm always free! :)

Melanie said...

Sounds pretty crazy! Isn't moving fun?
I thought that when you turned 12 you were done giving primary talks...

Treasa said...

guess what? we just found a hobo in our new apartment last night! I'm not sure if we brought it with us or if we have hobos living there too.