Haute Couture

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My girl! Sometimes she amazes me with her eye for style and other times I just don't know what I've done to make her so blind to color. This lovely ensemble was picked out exclusively by her. I told her to get dressed. It was kind of cold so when she came out in shorts and a tank I told her it would be a little chilly so she needed to dress warmer. Soooo....she put on purple socks up to her knees, a purple jacket to match and a vest for who knows what. Have you seen Juno? When she was wearing just her shorts, tank, socks and head band, she really reminded me of that kid. I guess it will be a little while longer before I set her completely free to wear what she wants.

Currently she's grounded to her room until she cleans it. Its my fault really. I've been slacking off on her chore regimen the past week or two and I'm trying to get back into it. Today I'm pulling out all the stops and she's doing them, so help me. She's been in there for 2 hours and its slowly getting messier and messier. No worries. Her cousin is coming over and when she realizes that she doesn't get to play with her until her room is clean, she'll get her butt moving. I hope. Aaaah! Kids!


Emily McKenzie said...

That outfit is awesome! Just wait until she gets older and you can show her pictures of herself dressed that way. Perfect wedding slideshow photo. :) Good luck with the kid and cleaning.

Amanda K said...

hi Janelle! I found your blog through Ashlee Schmidt and I thought I would stop by and say hello! You look like you are doing so well and your kids are so dang cute! Your cakes are fun too!! That is a great talent (that I wish I had too!) I looked at your site and you are one clever girl!!

Stephanie said...

how cute; looks a lot like an outfit I often wear -- what's so wrong? ;) So. Did she clean when her cousin came?