Gluten Free

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm finally starting to get a little gluten free business. A month or so ago, I had an order for some gluten free cupcakes and a lady, who was at the party where my cupcakes made their grand appearance, has a daughter who was just diagnosed with celiacs. Poor little girl! She's only eight. Anyway, so she called me because its the little girl's birthday and she was determined to get something cute, delicious and gluten free (three things that don't often go together.) I made them some cupcakes and here they are!

Costume Pictures!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We went to a Trunk or Treat last Saturday and Tina was there taking pictures. She snapped a few shots of my kids in their costumes and they turned out great! I told you Clara's was hilarious and Nolan's was adorable. I was super busy that day so I didn't have time to put the lights on the Christmas tree. I'll take pics on Halloween with the lights in.

**Edit for those that wonder: Nolan is an alley cat and I made Clara's costume.

Hello There.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, its been a while! I've been a blogging bum lately. No time or desire. I do have a few pictures, but everytime I sit down at the computer to upload them, I find something more interesting to do and then, look at the time!

I'm repenting now, if you're interested. I solemnly vow to blog at least once a week from now on, unless there's a family emergency or I decide not to.

Its been hectic! I'm spinning around trying to figure out where the month went. I swear it just started, but Halloween's in two days and I'm pretty sure that's the end of the month. The ball is rolling and its not going to stop until January. Not that I don't like the holidays. I DO! But I'm not prepared. I finally understand what my mom was talking about when she said Christmas is stressful.

Anywho, back to the hectic stuff. I've had a lot of cakes, 1 of which I managed to take a picture of. You'll see though, that its two different pictures of the same cake. Intrigued? You should be. We've just been running around, taking the kids places and trying to get things done. We went to Gardner Village twice. The first time was to just walk around and see the witches and the second was for Wee Witches Weekend, which was a MADHOUSE of little witchy girls and a multitude of girl scouts with pink badges. It was loads of fun though. Got Pics!
So here's a cool cake story. My sister called me a few weeks ago and ordered a cake for someone who was having a baby at her work. She said it was a boy and I could just pick a cute baby boy cake to do. I've done this cake three times already, so why not one more? Its cute, its boyish, its perfect. So I get the cake done the night before because she has to pick it up early in the morning. She comes to my door that Friday to pick it up and says something like, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, the baby's a girl." Um, fabulous. The cake says oh boy. Its about as un-girly as you can get. So she calls in to work and says she'll be a little late because I have to make the cake girly. I scraped off the oh boy, added a little purple and wrote oh baby instead. Still, not the girliest cake you'll come across, but I tried. Its like a very confused baby cake.

The biggest stress of the month was the Salt Lake City Mommies Trunk or Treat. They offered a few mommies booths this time and I decided (out of pure insanity) to take them up on it. I was planning on selling delectably spooky goodies and hot chocolate. Who doesn't want hot chocolate while they trick or treat? I found out a couple days before the event that I needed a temporary booth permit and an inspection on the booth to sell food. It cost money and I was a little late, so I ended up scrapping that idea. I did set up a booth with some cookie bouquets on display and a fantastic 3 tier halloweeny cake, which I neglected to take a picture of, in true-to-myself-style. Josh was the salesman and gave people his spiel while shoving a business card into their hands. We got rid of about 100 business cards, so hopefully one or two people make an order eventually.

I decorated about 150 cookies before I found out I couldn't sell food at the booth so I'm giving them out for Halloween. I hope I don't get attacked by nervous parents for handing out something homemade. I think I'll bring a bowl of candy just in case anyone freaks out. Sad you have to worry about that!

But that's all over! Now I'm just waiting for Halloween to come and go and I can rest for a few days. At least that's the plan. I'll try and take lots of pictures on Halloween. Clara's costume is HILARIOUS and Nolan's is super cute. I'll post again soon!

Free at Last!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nolan is free at last. Well, he has been for almost a week. That's how it goes. But he loves it. He's like a little tornado now with two working arms. Okay, he was like that with only one, but this is a bigger tornado. He's soooo close to walking. He can stand up by himself and he's taken a few steps, but he freaks out when he realizes nothing was holding him up and he plops down on his squishy little butt.

We took him to the doctor's for his nine month appointment last Wednesday and he's still growing. He was 64percentile in weight and 84 in height. He had the flu shot and he just sat there the whole time giving me fives. Didn't even care. Pretty impressive for a nine month old, I think.
Even more impressive though was Clara. I remember going to get my kindergarten shots when I was five. If I recall correctly, five was the magic number that day because that's how many nurses it took to pin down my wriggling, probably 40 pound body.
I told her, prior to going into the office, that she would probably be getting a flu shot like Nolan. She was very prepared for it, and strangely, wouldn't stop talking about it. I'm starting to see that she's very much like her father. Anyway, she was all psyched up for the needle but the nurse informed her that she was now old enough to get the flu mist. She was a little disappointed but it smelled like strawberries so it was all good.
Her hopes were brought back up when we decided to get a celiac sprue blood test on her. Not one moment's hesitation. She walked back to the lab with Josh and let them draw her blood. No tears, no whining. She did say she said "ouch" and "mom! they took ALOT of blood!" That's all she talked about all day. Cute.
Last Thursday or Friday or Wednesday or something, we went for a hike. The weather is FANTASTIC right now. I wish it could be like this all the time. The air is cool, it smells nice, I'm not sweating (not sweating just like a pig, because pigs don't sweat), its beautiful, I feel cozy, I could go on and on. I do realize if it were to stay like this, the world would have to stop spinning, therefore resulting in the loss of all humankind, but I can dream, right?

This is Clara's silly dance. I wish I had it on video for all to see, but you'll just have to imagine how she got into this pose.

My poor girl fell down and then she threw a fit because she didn't want me to take her picture.

This is about a minute later. She forgets quickly.

These are Nolan's awesome socks and shoes. He's not wearing shorts, those are pants that are, apparently, ridden up.

Clara climbing precariously on a cliff. No worries, we all made it up alive.

Nolan on a rock, I'm holding onto his foot, just so you know.