Friday, November 26, 2010

I think this is a new low. I'm not going to go through my posts and check, but the last time I posted was May. And now I'm putting up my Christmas tree. So that's a long time.

Anyhow. I don't even know where to start. Soooooooo much has happened since May. I don't even recognize my life. Its just bizarre.

My family started a bakery. The bakery responsible for the upturn of my life. And everyone else's involved. Absolute insanity. So in July, for some crazy reason, I went on KSL to see if there were any bakery related businesses for sale. There weren't, but there were two restaurants. And in a moment of what I can only explain as a total lack of sense, we started calling these places and setting up times to see them. You know, just to feel out the market. For the future.

Turns out the future was the next week. We went to this absurdly nestled restaurant to meet up with the nice man trying to get out of his money pit. He practically shoved the thing at us. He dropped the price to nearly nothing, he just really needed someone to take over his lease. And we signed right up.

So we went from our blissfully calm lives (I didn't think so at the time, but now I see) to painting, shopping, experimenting, fighting, yelling and definitely not sleeping. We got the place at the end of July and we opened for business August 16th. The sheer madness of it all is that we had absolutely no plan. Or we thought we did, but we didn't. We planned on selling to caterers and grocery stores. Teaching Gluten free classes and whatnot. We ended up with a sandwich shop that just happens to also have delicious gluten free baked goods, not selling to anyone but the public. No one gets paid. We go to the shop everyday, work our butts off, go home and crash, get up and do it again.

And I've never been more satisfied with a job. I've never worked without dreading it every single day. And I wake up happy to go in every morning. I like seeing the same people come in every day because they like my food. I like seeing new people come in, so excited to find something gluten free. I like working with my husband every day and my family. I like bringing my kids with me. And I like having a place to cook my dinner when my power goes out. :)

There've been alot of trials going into this thing. A ton of injuries, lots of tears and crazy moments. But I know if we make it through the storm, its going to be sweet.

And with that said, I'm going to list above mentioned injuries.
Blackened butter steam burn to my mother.
Deep cut from sharp knife to Josh.
Deep cut/gouge from stubborn picture frame to me.
Minor cut from sharp knife to me.
Minor cut from crappy slicer to me.
Assorted heads bouncing off the concrete floor to my kids.
Assorted burns to everyone from everything hot.
Severe (in my opinion) burn to my poor baby's whole hand from a hot pan with delicious cinnamon rolls on it.
Bloody nose from face plant on concrete floor to my baby.
And a million more that I can't think of.