She's Good

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have found the photographer of my dreams. I'm addicted. When Nolan was two months old, Tina Miera was advertising a special for babies. I got a really good deal on pics so I decided to try it out. The pictures turned out soooo cute! Then I went again three months later. Same thing! Sooo cute! She keeps getting me with these really good deals and I can't stay away. Two months later I did it again, except we got Clara in them too. They are amazing. This is what I see in my kids everyday and she just captures it so perfectly and presents it so everyone else can see it. They're adorable!

That One Parade

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been too long again and everything is all jumbled together in my head and I don't know what came first and what I'm forgetting so I have to rely on my few and far between pictures! I really want my brain back.

So we went up to Millcreek Canyon with some friends for dinner and mallows. Josh was at work so I brought the kids up my self. It was really fun! Perfect weather too. Clara was loving and was really mad that we had to go.

I think it was the next day that Clara was in that one parade. Saturday. I didn't go because I double booked myself AGAIN. I had to teach a cookie bouquet class. I made several bouquets and then sold them all that day. None if which I took a picture of. They were pretty cute but they kept falling off the sticks. Dumb cookies. Anyway, back to that one parade. So Clara was in the parade and she had her name on the float and everything. I don't know why she's freaking out in this picture where she found her name, but she is. She also tired out really quickly and bummed a ride off of someone who had a stroller. She's very convincing.

We were invited to a birthday party at the Herriman Splash Pad and I made the cake for it. It was fun to do. I got to use my airbrush again to paint the water and the rock. Its so cool! I'm so glad Josh bought it for me.

Stay tuned!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have a problem with yard work. My problem is that its really hot outside, there's ants and spiders and stuff, you have to get up early in the morning, it makes you all sweaty and stinky. The usual. This year was different though. I was really excited about my yard and garden and I thought, for some reason, that all that aforementioned stuff wouldn't bother me. So we planted our beautiful garden. It wasn't long before our lovely source of nourishment looked like this:

I ruined it! I just couldn't get out there often enough. I tried a few times but the mass of weeds was so overwhelming that it didn't make a dent. I'd pretty much given into the thought that I'd never be able to grow a decent garden. Here comes my mom and sister to the rescue! I normally wouldn't accept that kind of help because that's just the way I am, but they presented it to me so nicely.
Josh wants a beautiful garden just as much as I do, if not more. His birthday is coming up in a week or so and he can never decide what he wants. Its like pulling teeth to get him to pick something for his birthday. So my mom says that they want to revive our garden as a birthday present to Josh. How can I say no to a present? So I accept. We helped of course, but they really did the vast majority of the work. I'm so relieved! It looks beautiful! There were a few casualties and its a little bare but I think we'll actually be able to get some food out of it.
Moving on, I desperately needed a shower the other day and Nolan was sleeping. Perfect timing. Right as I was about to jump in, he inevitably wakes up. So I put Clara in the crib with him to "babysit" while I quickly got clean. It was cute!
Nolan decided that he's a big boy. I can't put him in his hamper next to the pool anymore. Too dangerous. I put him there while I weed so he feels like he's playing in the water with Clara. It works really well. Until the other day. He pulled himself up and tried to jump into the pool with Clara. I can't wait till the day that he breaks his first bone. I really hope Josh is around or I'll completely freak out, I'm sure.
He's so dang cute! I just wish I could get him to smile for the camera.
And finally, we have a cat. Sort of. It actually belongs to the neighbors but that cat loves our yard for some reason. Maybe its because he thinks he's a tiger and our yard is more "jungly" than our neighbors! Clara loves it! They chase eachother around and play fight constantly. Its really cute.

Cake and Boating

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its been too long! I have had so many things going on and I can't remember what I wanted to post. So I'm going to have to go by my pictures.

We had a fun Fourth, but no pics. Sorry. I'm bad. The day before, however, we went boating. We have a family reunion at the beginning of August and my parents bought these blow up row boats for it. Of course we had to try them out first to make sure they were sea, or at least reservoir, worthy.

They were! It was tons of fun. I put a tiny little life vest on Nolan and he just sucked on that thing like it was a binky. Better than a binky though because he's never taken one of those. So this was neato. We went to Jordanelle and rowed out to a little island thing. He slept on the bottom of the boat all the way there and then woke up for the way back. That boy was SLATHERED in sunscreen. He's so white I'm afraid he'll burn to a crisp if I don't load him up.

Clara loved it too. She kept trying to lean out of the boat and nearly fell several times. She was a little weird about that. Not scared at all about falling out of the boat but she wouldn't take her feet off the bottom for a second when she was playing close to shore.

Ferrin! What a crazy kid! As you can see (he's the one in the back of the van) he has a sling on. He went to youth conference and the first day he was there (Monday,his BIRTHDAY!) he was playing basketball and two members of the stake presidency, who shall remain nameless, clotheslined him. He passed out, broke his collarbone and had a seizure! They called an ambulance and sent him to the hospital. They called my mom from the Logan hospital and explained everything. He then insisted on going back to youth conference after he got released. My mom agreed and he came back on Wednesday. Nutso.

And for my final picture...CAKE! My cousin, Angela, got married this week and I made the cake for her reception. It was beautiful. I'm not bragging. I just think the flowers were gorgeous. I didn't do those. Yay for weddings!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I mean that in several ways:

Finally! We're done being sick. Everyone is healthy. Well, Clara did end up getting the flu and puking all over the house first. BUT we're done. I'm so relieved.

Finally! Both kids are asleep AT THE SAME TIME! Its so nice to be able to just sit at the computer and not worry about the boy grabbing the keyboard or Clara bugging me to get off so she can play her ABC game.

FINALLY!!! We finished Nolan's room. Yes, he's six months old. But its done. And super cute, I might add. I got his bedding off of ebay ages ago at a really good price. Adorable. So we went with the nautical theme. It just so happens that Michael's has this really cute nautical home decor line that they're, I guess, sick of. Its all on clearance. I got some really cute stuff for hardly anything. I'm so happy. He doesn't really like it all that much but we'll just have to give it some time. He kind of bangs his head viciously against the bars of his new crib when he's upset. He's too tall for the bumper pads to do anything. He'll learn soon. (Oh, the yellow isn't really THAT yellow. I just can't figure out my camera. Its a nice buttery yellow.)