She's Good

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have found the photographer of my dreams. I'm addicted. When Nolan was two months old, Tina Miera was advertising a special for babies. I got a really good deal on pics so I decided to try it out. The pictures turned out soooo cute! Then I went again three months later. Same thing! Sooo cute! She keeps getting me with these really good deals and I can't stay away. Two months later I did it again, except we got Clara in them too. They are amazing. This is what I see in my kids everyday and she just captures it so perfectly and presents it so everyone else can see it. They're adorable!


Emily McKenzie said...

She is really good! And the pictures are so cute. If only Nolan would stay smiling for them. :)

Sierra said...

You have such cute kids!! Those are really good pictures. I moved away from my favorite photographer, my aunt. Anyway, jealous about the air brush. I want one. Maybe one day.

Stephanie said...

yes, great photos, adorable children... Um, Janelle, when I'm bored on the computer, I expect you to have a new post up. Every day, it's another disappointment. :)