Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I mean that in several ways:

Finally! We're done being sick. Everyone is healthy. Well, Clara did end up getting the flu and puking all over the house first. BUT we're done. I'm so relieved.

Finally! Both kids are asleep AT THE SAME TIME! Its so nice to be able to just sit at the computer and not worry about the boy grabbing the keyboard or Clara bugging me to get off so she can play her ABC game.

FINALLY!!! We finished Nolan's room. Yes, he's six months old. But its done. And super cute, I might add. I got his bedding off of ebay ages ago at a really good price. Adorable. So we went with the nautical theme. It just so happens that Michael's has this really cute nautical home decor line that they're, I guess, sick of. Its all on clearance. I got some really cute stuff for hardly anything. I'm so happy. He doesn't really like it all that much but we'll just have to give it some time. He kind of bangs his head viciously against the bars of his new crib when he's upset. He's too tall for the bumper pads to do anything. He'll learn soon. (Oh, the yellow isn't really THAT yellow. I just can't figure out my camera. Its a nice buttery yellow.)


Emily McKenzie said...

That looks so good! Way cute. Way to go! He's going to like it eventually I'm sure.

Stephanie said...

so cute!

Elder Schmidt said...
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The Schmidts said...

The room looks awesome!! You guys did great!! I love the rug! We were going to buy the cream colored one of it! Dallas says Paisley has to move out of the bassinett in our room when she is 7 months old.. which is in 8 days.. sad.. hopefully she likes her bed!!

Sierra said...

Super cute!! I wish I knew about the nautical stuff because when I have a boy, I am going to do his bedroom with lighthouses. (Wish I has the money for the nautical stuff.)

Stewart's said...

Hi! I just found your blog on another friends blog! This is Tami (Ahlstrom). I'm sorry you've been sick at your house, but I'm glad you're feeling better.
If you want to check out my blog, it's It was fun to see your cute family!