Cake and Boating

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its been too long! I have had so many things going on and I can't remember what I wanted to post. So I'm going to have to go by my pictures.

We had a fun Fourth, but no pics. Sorry. I'm bad. The day before, however, we went boating. We have a family reunion at the beginning of August and my parents bought these blow up row boats for it. Of course we had to try them out first to make sure they were sea, or at least reservoir, worthy.

They were! It was tons of fun. I put a tiny little life vest on Nolan and he just sucked on that thing like it was a binky. Better than a binky though because he's never taken one of those. So this was neato. We went to Jordanelle and rowed out to a little island thing. He slept on the bottom of the boat all the way there and then woke up for the way back. That boy was SLATHERED in sunscreen. He's so white I'm afraid he'll burn to a crisp if I don't load him up.

Clara loved it too. She kept trying to lean out of the boat and nearly fell several times. She was a little weird about that. Not scared at all about falling out of the boat but she wouldn't take her feet off the bottom for a second when she was playing close to shore.

Ferrin! What a crazy kid! As you can see (he's the one in the back of the van) he has a sling on. He went to youth conference and the first day he was there (Monday,his BIRTHDAY!) he was playing basketball and two members of the stake presidency, who shall remain nameless, clotheslined him. He passed out, broke his collarbone and had a seizure! They called an ambulance and sent him to the hospital. They called my mom from the Logan hospital and explained everything. He then insisted on going back to youth conference after he got released. My mom agreed and he came back on Wednesday. Nutso.

And for my final picture...CAKE! My cousin, Angela, got married this week and I made the cake for her reception. It was beautiful. I'm not bragging. I just think the flowers were gorgeous. I didn't do those. Yay for weddings!


Emily McKenzie said...

Oh hey way to go on the cake. It's nice! The drapping looks good. I'm surprised you are talented! :)

Emily McKenzie said...

Oh yeah I forgot to add way to go on the photo's as well. The black sheet really helps with the detail and way to get the sunlight! Good job Josh!

jjertmann said...

Hey, how'd you know it was Josh? I think he got lucky with the lighting. There wasn't even a black sheet. For some reason everything behind the cake looked black in the camera. He took the photo at the reception.

Melanie said...

The cake was really pretty, not to mention delicious.
Scary about Ferrin! I saw him at the reception and didn't notice a sling or anything.

Stephanie said...

that cake IS beautiful! I can't wait to get married so I can ask you to make my cake!!! I'd pay you. And I'd even pay you for your transportation. Or maybe we'd have the reception in SL just so we can have you do our cake!
Those raft things look so fun.

Amanda K said...

What a fun boating trip! The picture of Nolan in his little life jacket is so cute!!

Your cake looks awesome too!

Sierra said...

That cake is AMAZING!!! I see pictures like that and I have to wonder if I am really cut out for this. Don't make that so pretty, I will feel more confidant. ;)