That One Parade

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been too long again and everything is all jumbled together in my head and I don't know what came first and what I'm forgetting so I have to rely on my few and far between pictures! I really want my brain back.

So we went up to Millcreek Canyon with some friends for dinner and mallows. Josh was at work so I brought the kids up my self. It was really fun! Perfect weather too. Clara was loving and was really mad that we had to go.

I think it was the next day that Clara was in that one parade. Saturday. I didn't go because I double booked myself AGAIN. I had to teach a cookie bouquet class. I made several bouquets and then sold them all that day. None if which I took a picture of. They were pretty cute but they kept falling off the sticks. Dumb cookies. Anyway, back to that one parade. So Clara was in the parade and she had her name on the float and everything. I don't know why she's freaking out in this picture where she found her name, but she is. She also tired out really quickly and bummed a ride off of someone who had a stroller. She's very convincing.

We were invited to a birthday party at the Herriman Splash Pad and I made the cake for it. It was fun to do. I got to use my airbrush again to paint the water and the rock. Its so cool! I'm so glad Josh bought it for me.

Stay tuned!!


Stephanie said...

wow that little girl of yours is so cute. We need to get her and Anna together; I bet they'd have so much fun. How far is SL from Rexburg anyway? Maybe one of these weekends I'll make a trip that way. Oh, wait, the reunion is a month away! lol

Melanie said...

Looks like some fun stuff! The picture of Clara in the outhouse made me laugh!

Stewart's said...

First of all, I have to agree with the toilet picture...ewww! Those are always nasty bathrooms! I always wanted to learn cake decorating. I play around with it, but my cakes don't look like that! You are really talented!