To Take the Edge Off

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This post is to take the edge off of Stephanie's boredom. I'm afraid I don't have time to ease it completely, so this will have to do!
I'm sitting at the computer at 5:53am. This should tell you something about me. I am NOT a morning person, so clearly, I'm going somewhere.
I'm also very excited as I sit and I'm up much earlier than is absolutely necessary so its got to be somewhere cool.
I'm bringin a lunch with me and I pumped so Nolan would have milk, so it has to be a significant amount of time that I'll be away.
I'm both sad and happy that this will be pretty much an everyday thing for the next two months.
I'm VERY nervous. I'm going to learn a lot but I don't want to screw anything up. This is important stuff.
Any guesses as to where I'm going this morning?


Emily McKenzie said...

Your taking a class with Carrie's cakes or something like it.

Emily McKenzie said...

sorry that should be you're not your

Sierra said...

Are you starting baking and pastries classes at the culinary school in Draper????!!!!!

Stephanie said...

ah, you're so sweet! And thank you, from the bottom of my hollow heart.

Ummm, you're going to boot camp? No, you wouldn't be excited. Cake decorating boot camp? Has to have something to do with cakes or something...

The suspense is killing me!