Mama's Going to Knock You Out, HUH!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Josh always says that I had a deprived childhood. I'm thinking, "I had food, clothes, toys, all that stuff, I didn't feel deprived. I think you're the one who had the deprived childhood." But he insists because I don't know one New Kids on the Block Song, or because I never got to enjoy Guns n Roses in their prime, that I was deprived.

He sings this LL Cool J song all the time. "Mama said knock you out, I'm gonna knock you out." Something like that. Clara has picked up on it, only she says "Mama's going to knock you out, huh". Its pretty funny.

Anyway, I have a really busy week as far as cakes go. FIVE! I barely have time to think. My poor kids are going to think back on THEIR deprived childhood if this keeps up. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't working too. So two down, three to go. Here's some pics!
I donated a gift certificate worth $50 of cake to Salt Lake City Mommies for their annual auction a few months ago and the winner cashed it in with this cute Luau cake for her daughter's first birthday. It was so fun to make! I love the kind of "scene" cakes.

This one was for my favorite photographer, Tina. Well, for her daughter. She's getting married in Vegas and Tina wanted to get a cake for her. She's driving it all the way out there in a cooler! I really hope it makes it!!! We traded for this one. She gave me some more images from our last photo session. SO CUTE!


PrincessKatie said...

Lov ethe cakes and the pictures are adorable. The kids are too cute!

Sierra said...

Beautiful cakes as usual. That waterfall cake is the bomb!! (Thought I would go along with LL Cool J. :) )

Stewart's said...

Oh, I love the cakes! Especially the one with the waterfall...that is so cool!
Your kids are so cute! Great photos!

Emily McKenzie said...

Love the cakes! Including Yoda you made for Devan. I think you need a break go educate your children on the wonderful world of BBMAK! :)

Amanda K said...

Your cake looks so fun! And those pictures of your kids are darling! I think you made a good trade!

BreeAnn said...

Hi I don't know if you remember me, BreeAnn McDermott from West Valley but I stumbled on your blog and your cakes are amazing! You are truly talented. Good job!