Oh the fun!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, we had a busy little weekend. Saturday was spent doing the four s's. Yes, you guessed it. Singing, shopping, smacking (I'll elaborate) and sitting.
Marilyn Dymond. A sweet, more mature lady in our ward with a bit of an attitude. She's fun. She entered this Mormon Battalion song writing competition. She wrote a really cute song and needed someone to sing it so she could submit a tape. Of course she asked me, Treasa and Jamie to sing it. We're fine with going to the studio and recording. It was kind of fun. Then she has to go and make the finals. So we're forced to perform at Gardner Village. We had to dress up in pioneer garb. Just kidding. We wore jeans and black shirts. Didn't want to stick out too much. It worked too. One of the other competitors came up and asked if we were the stage hands. Jerk.
Anyway we were all nervous. We didn't want to ruin it for her, you know? I'm sorry, but even if yours is the most amazing song of all time, if William Hung sings it, its never the same. We didn't want to do that to her. It actually went really well. Unfortunately for her, everyone else's went better. We didn't win a thing. 'cept maybe a sunburn. That's okay though because it brings me to my second s.
Shopping! Josh did come watch us sing but he works day shift so he took off shortly after we were done. I had the two kids still and wanted to look around. Emily came with and we browsed the little shops for hours. We even got the kid's pictures done in the old clothes and everything. I'll probably never get around to scanning them so trust me when I say they're cute. I got a pair of super cute shoes for half off too. Hard to beat that! It was scorching hot though so we decided to call it quits and run home for a bit before the third s....
Smacking. The tennis ball around. I, with kids in tow, met up with Emily at the Hunter tennis courts. Nolan fell asleep after a while and Clara had a fun time running around with her own little racket. What a cute photo op! Too bad I didn't take any pictures, eh? By that time I was completely drained of anything even resembling energy, so we spent the rest of the evening...
Sitting. In front of the television watching Indiana Jones. Got to review before seeing the new movie! Fun day!
Father's day was okay too. Again, Josh had to work but he was home long enough to open his presents and write his talk. Thank goodness, for once, for 1 o'clock church.
Last week, the first or second councelor, came up to Josh and asked if we were going to be at church on Sunday. Josh said yes and of course they asked us to speak. I really had neither the time or motivation to write my talk during the week so it fell into place Sunday morning. I kept timing myself and it was like five minutes. I guess I just want to be a youth speaker forever. I finally got it to 13 minutes if I was really slow and rambly. Making it go that long AT church was a different story. I got it to 10 minutes. Josh was very thankful for the primary. They came up and sang a few songs in the middle of the meeting so he was only left with about 15 minutes. Its always a nerve-wracking experience. I though it went rather well though. I didn't die of a heart attack so it was good.
So that was the weekend.
I'm so horrible! Clara had a swim party today with a bunch of friends and I didn't even take pictures. SHAME on me! I'm now tying my camera to my ankle so I don't miss anything else.


Stephanie said...

busy indeed! You know, I always have my camera in my purse. Except when something happens that is THE CUTEST, I reach for it and remember I'd taken it out to transfer the pics to the computer. But, generally, it works for me.
You really should scan those old timer photos.... ;)

Emily McKenzie said...

Your talks were good. I enjoyed them. I also enjoyed watching Nolan ralph all over Amber. :) Saturday was a fun day. I wish I would have gotten some shoes as well...new shoes always make a day even better.