Clara was tagged!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Man this is hard! 11 things about Clara.
1. She's got gorgeously tan skin. Jealous!
2. She's a fashionista. She loves clothes, she just has a hard time putting the right stuff together sometimes.
3. She must be accecssorized! Shoes, glasses, bags, jewelry, you name it.
4. She gets destructive when she's mad. She got in trouble at the library once and then came home and ripped up one of the library books while she was in time out. $30!
5. She's one of the nicest little kids.
6. She won't fight back. Big, little, painful or not, she's a wuss. Its good though, I guess.
7. If its not pink, its not for her. She's a girl through and through.
8. She loves to be outside!! Hence her fabulous tan.
9. She LOVES her friends. She has to do something with them everyday or she drives me nuts asking about them.
10. She loves flowers. Even evil weed ones. She's always picking me dandelions and morning glories.
11. She loves baby Nolan. She loves to be eaten, slobbered on, hugged, attacked, the whole nine yards.
Clara tags Gavin, Matthias and Anna.


Sierra said...

I didn't know you had a baby!!!???!!! He is CUTE!! I hope my next one is a boy. My girls are fun, but I REALLY want a boy. Thanks for your blog address.