A Gazillion Pictures

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I just uploaded all the pics from the last two weeks and it looks like I'll be here a while! First things first, we went to the Church History Museum the other day. Josh and I were planning on going to the temple for the first time since the baby. He's finally able to stand not eating for a few hours. So we were all excited. I remember getting a temple interview recently so I'm not worried about the expiration date at all. I am very paranoid though, so I checked just to make sure I had it and it had expired the month before. It turns out that when I had the interview to switch over to the barcode system, they didn't change the expiration date. Our plans were foiled!

We decided the second best thing would be to spend time with the fam so we went downtown to temple square and the church buildings. We had a lot of fun! Josh works downtown so he knows all the vagrants. I got to meet one of his favorite. Her name is ....um I can't remember her name but it starts with an E. Anyway, she didn't recognize him without his suit so she asked if he had any change to spare. Then she realized who it was and started chatting. Josh says she's a nice person, just a fake and a liar. She seemed nice.

Clara loved the children's section of the church history museum. Josh knows the place well so he made a great tour guide. This is a picture of the most valuable collection in the museum. Its mints for making money. He said its worth millions.

I've also had a very busy cake week. I forgot to take a pic of my sister's graduation cake, but the other two are here. One is a wedding cake and the other is a birthday cake for a friend. They turned out pretty cute, I think!


Emily McKenzie said...

Those are cute photos. Love the motorcycle cake. And the twenty dollar wedding cake.

Melanie said...

What do you generally charge for a cake? They look awesome, so you could probably charge whatever you want. Do you ever plan on opening a shop or anything?