Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really need to post more. This is going to be really random.

Clara has the chicken pox. Again. She got them when she was 11 months old, right before she was supposed to receive the vaccine. The doctor said that having them was the same as getting the vaccine so she didn't get it. Lo and behold, she has them again. I found them on Sunday. Wanna know why? We had a family party. EVERYONE was there. There haven't been that many people since Christmas. Clara was running around playing with my younger cousins, not paying much attention to whether or not she needed to pee. So she finally realized it, ran to the bathroom and managed to make it NEARLY to the toilet. She peed all over the floor, her dress, her shoes, everything. The part was at my mom's house so I ran her home really quick and threw her in the shower. That's when a noticed a big red spot on her bum. I looked closer and realized there were alot of little red spots. Fabulous. At a family party. So we went back to the party since she'd already infected everyone to have my mom check them out. Yup. That's what they are. So hopefully no one gets them but if they do, I'M SO SORRY!!!

I guess you're contagious about a week before you break out. The day before I noticed anything we went to another party. It was the salt lake city mommies 3rd anniversary and there were TONS of kids there. I entered the cake decorating contest and, for the second year, didn't win. Its all good. I really hope they do it again next year but there weren't a lot of entries. Just three. I still didn't win. Still, all good. I forgot to take a picture of it too, of course. I think someone posted it on the SLCM site though, so maybe I'll try to get it from there. Anyway, lots of kids to infect there. Josh went. It was the first mom's activity that he's been too and all the ladies thought he was hot. I guess I got to raise my game!
Okay, you can't really see it all that well, but mine is the one with the sun on the top and the balloons on the side. The winner is the tray of mini cakes. They're cute. And in case you were trying to figure out what that first one was, its a pregnancy test.

Here's where the randomness comes in. I took a bunch of pictures because I was feeling like a bum, always forgetting so I have a lot that don't have any relevance to eachother. Just fun pictures.
Nolan was sick earlier this week. He had a yucky nose and red eyes. Sad but cute.

BUT he started feeling much better. Today he attacked this bunch of hanging bananas. Ripped them to shreds. No mercy.

Clara got this sweet doctor kit a few weeks ago but I wouldn't let her play with it because I didn't want her to lose the pieces. Anyway, I finally gave in.

This is a pic of my weedy mess of a garden. I took it with the intention of taking an after pic. Hasn't happened yet but hopefully this weekend.

And finally, the only pictures of my two weekend cakes that I remembered to take. Now you see why I'm so good.


Anonymous said...

Cuteness! Guess who found your blog? Oh! pick me! I did. I officially win. Oh, and your talk was great, and thanks for letting me hold your wiggly son on Sunday!

jjertmann said...

Oh hey fellow blogger! No, thank YOU for holding my wiggly son on Sunday!

Melanie said...

Yikes, Nolan is huge! I thought he was still a little baby, but these pictures show other wise. How old is he again?

jjertmann said...

He's six months! He's a little big for his age but time goes by so fast!

Emily McKenzie said...

What the heck every time I go to your blog its a new background. How about a little consistency? Those pictures of Nolan were from yesterday! I remember that shirt he was in. Anyway, I'm planning on the scrapbooking class even though I am no where close to as creative as you are with that type of thing.

Stephanie said...

chicken pox? Twice? Remarkable! That is one special little girl you have there.
Um.... the judges were delusional and your cake is way the best. That pregnancy test, aside from being in poor taste, looks like a little pink guitar with mickey mouse in the middle.
I'm sure the decorator is a wonderful person.

jjertmann said...