Sunday, May 4, 2008

We had a big family party today. A BIG family party. My uncle turned 50 and everyone was there. Clara was having a blast, playing with all the thousands of little kids. She wouldn't even eat her food. That's pretty normal for her. She's just too busy to be bothered. So I wasn't worried. Within 15 minutes of arriving home, I heard a "blech-ing" noise. So I walked into the front room, where she was at, to see. Puke all over my couch. Fabulous. I felt bad for her. Her little face was all green. I felt bad for me too. My green couch was all sorts of colors. So I cleaned it up and sent Josh to the store to get her some soda and crackers. Always the best part of being sick. You have to have a little happiness, right? She's sleeping next to my mopping bucket right now, just in case. I really hope it was just a little bit of an upset stomach and not a bug. Then I have to worry about cancelling playdates and babysitting, not to mention the baby. I really hate it when babies are sick.

Anyway, I made two cakes this weekend. One for a friend's mom, the other for my aforementioned uncle (50) and his son (25), combined. It was hard to find time to do it since Josh was at drill the whole time. I had some pretty late nights. I guess that's best though. No kids running around the kitchen puking on stuff. Pretty fun. I took some cute pictures of the kids today in their Sunday clothes too. Look!


Melanie said...

Cute cakes! Cute kids! I hope Clara isn't sick sick. It seems to me like kids don't really mind feeling nauseous. I don't ever know Morgan isn't feeling well until he throws up. And why does it always fall upon the mom to clean up the mess?

Melanie said...

Hey, I've tagged you! Check my blog to see what it means.