My Smart Giant Boy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We had Nolan's 4 month check up yesterday. I know my kid is super smart and super cute, but I didn't think that anyone else thought that. First off, he's pretty big. He was 75 percentile in his weight and 88 on his height. His head's tiny at 30-something. Anyway, so he's a large boy for his age. He's also very coordinated. So Dr. Peter comes in and starts playing with the baby. Nolan's just grabbing his hair and laughing. Then he sits him up. I've never seen Nolan really sit, but he was sitting. He sat for a good 30 seconds perfectly balanced before he started to lean. I was impressed but the doctor said, well he's really strong. He's sitting up well but his balance could be improved. I was like, he's 4 months old. Give him a break. Really. So we're talking and he says something about Nolan passing all the six month markers, so Josh said, isn't that pretty good for a 4 month old? The Dr.'s mouth just dropped open. He totally thought Nolan was six months. He was really flabbergasted. Then he kept going on and on about how well developed his fine motor skills are and that he's never seen a 4 month old sit up so well. It was really funny. So my child is amazing. That's about it! Oh, and it all ended with the nurse stabbing him with three needles and my child, understandably, freaking out.


Melanie said...

Isn't it great when other people key into your child's genius? It's kind of like a good pat on the back, even though we really have nothing to do with it.

Stephanie said...

Balderdash, Melanie! Do you think our kids would be as brilliant if they had mothers who didn't care? Nay!
We have EVERYTHING to do with it.
Now.... when a child is daft or rebellious, it is then that we have nothing to do with it.

Good job, Janelle, on having such a large and smart boy child. Many kudos.