Modeling Class

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I went to a modeling class today. No, not for my beautiful self, for modeling fondant figures. I made a cute little baby cake. It was taught by a lady named Doree. Clara kept asking, "from Nemo?" She was really nice and very insightful. She came up with the most obvious things that I would never dream of. Anyway, the coolest part is that the class was taught in Carri's Cakes kitchen. She's only the greatest cake decorator in the state! She works out of her basement too. I met her and she was really nice. Just a little sick. Anyway, that was my little brush with fame.

I'm not feeling too hot myself today. I've had a headache and sore throat since I woke up. I hope it goes away soon! I REALLY hope I don't pass it to anyone else. There's one thing worse than being sick. That is, of course, having sick kids. You can't do anything because you're taking care of a sick kid, so you might as well be sick. Then you just feel bad for the poor little critters. AND they're like ten times more gross than a sick adult. They just ooze and you have to clean it all up. I'm gonna go before I jinx myself.


Stephanie said...

you're like, the funnest person ever. Look at that fun cake. And that fun bedroom. I'm frankly discouraged by your ambition. :D

jjertmann said...

Like, totally! Don't be discouraged. I'm a mess. Really.