Nothin' Better To Do

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Haven't posted in a few days and I figured this was a slightly more productive thing to do online than browse cake websites. That's seriously one of my favorite things to do. Well, we've had a decent week. Alot going on! I almost have Nolan's bedroom finished. I'll post pictures as soon as I get it all set up. We worked so hard painting stripes on the bottom half of his wall, so when I took the tape off, I was horrified. The paint had seeped through every single piece of tape. After several weeks of opening his door and seeing that junky paint job, I've decided it looks antiqued. Really, it would take way too much effort to fix it. I like antiques. They're supposed to look messed up. Right?
We're also getting our garden going. SLOWLY. Its really hard to do alot when you have a baby and your husband's at work constantly. He is doing most of it. We have it all cleared off. Well mostly. Its much better than before. Then we still have to till (sp?) and plant. Its going to take forever! Oh, and then I have to weed it everyday and irrigate it and pick stuff and can stuff and freeze stuff and dry stuff and eat stuff (my personal favorite). Gardens are hard! Especially ones the size of an olympic swimming pool. Okay, its not that big, but its close.
I did another cake over the weekend for Gavin's birthday. One of Clara's little friends. It was Transformers. If I ever download my pictures, I'll post one. If I have a good one.
Dang. I put Nolan to bed and I have his little monitor sitting right here. He's crying. He decided he could talk today. During church, of course. He's been making these really loud noises all day long. Not crying, just this screechy noise. Just to do it. I hope its a really short phase. Josh or I took him out of potentially quiet, spiritual meetings four or five times today. Cute though.


The Schmidts said...

I am pretty sure my Mom took a video of Nolan jumping away yesterday, when she sends them to me I will get you a copy!! he is just too cute!! Thanks for making the cake it was yummy as always and super cute!!

jjertmann said...

Treasa said that Becky showed her the video at church. Funny! Can't wait to see it.