Still Slacking.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've come to this conclusion. I will probably never be a consistent blogger. Every time I post, I like to think I will be. Even this time. You notice how I squished in a "probably"? That's because I still think there's a chance. It shouldn't be that hard to post at least once a week, should it? Well it apparently is. You people who post every day....seriously....props (does anyone even say that anymore?). Don't know how you do it.

So, I'm really only posting now because Josh noticed that my last post was in March and started to complain.

What's new? Josh got a temporary part time job with the census, so I won't be seeing much of him for a while. Sad! The kids will really miss him. Yes, I will too. But they're just never going to get a break from me. And even I need a break from me. So, yeah.

The cake thing is still going strong. I want a bakery!!! I want more room and more stuff and more clients. I want! So if anyone wants to give me a bakery, or even just a sheeter, or a cricut cake, just let me know. You can write it off on your taxes!

Clara has started dance class. She's very confident and outgoing in class. Which is good. I think she does pretty well for having just started.

Nolan is still terrorizing the family. Oliver cries every time he sees him. Clara is constantly tattling on him. I am always telling him to stop climbing or eating or mauling. The usual.

Oliver will be 9 months on the 5th. I cannot believe it. I can't. He's crawling around everywhere, pulling himself up on furniture, climbing up things. He has 4 teeth, and he uses them. Its just insane.

So I don't take many pictures, and I should. I know. But I'm going to post our pics that Tina took, even though I already put them on facebook, for lack of any other pictures. They're so cute, they should be everywhere anyway!

Okay, so I'm not. Blogger is being stupid and won't let me upload anything. Boo. Well, I guess that's it then.


Treasa said...

I want you to have a bakery too. We seriously need to get it started. I wish I had an unlimited amount of money.