Holy Cake!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I asked for it. I knew what was coming. I saw it happening, and yet, I still agreed to it.

I was on the committee planning the stake women's conference. That's all. It was going so well. Then they found out I did cakes. I had to miss a couple of meetings to teach my cake decorating classes. They wanted wedding cakes for decoration. It all fit together so perfectly. They asked me to make 4 wedding cake centerpieces (styrofoam decorated like a cake) a few weeks before the event. If I was an organized person, it would have been (pardon the pun) cake. Since they're styrofoam, I could have started the next day. I could have spread out the work.

Could have, didn't. I had a REAL wedding cake order for the day before too. So in short, I decorated 5 wedding cakes within one week. I worked 20 hours, ran to the store about a hundred times for supplies I ran out of or forgot, I taught a cake decorating class, took my daughter to the dentist, cleaned the kitchen 5 times a day (didn't do any good) and babysat my niece. It was insane.

They turned out nicely though. Look! I'm happy they asked me to do it, really. I had so much fun. If only I had 5 paying wedding cakes a week. I could quit my job and actually have time to do them. I needed some more cakes for my wedding portfolio. Most of the cakes I do are birthday or other special occasions. Not usually wedding cakes. People just don't get married as much as they get birthdays. Shame. So anyway, here they are. They're pretty boring colorwise. They wanted them to all be white, and I agreed. They're nice though.
The first one is the "real" wedding cake and the rest are the displays.

This is a Godzilla birthday cake I made last month for a baby's first birthday. I guess his nickname was Godzilla.The nastiness that is my son. Every time we eat. Every time. No joke. He takes whatever he has and wipes it all over his head. In this case, oatmeal. Terrible photo though. But you can still see the nastiness through the blurriness.This is him all cleaned up. A heartbreaker, I tell you.My darling daughter, getting her share of camera time.And this last bunch is from sledding on President's day. Every year, we have a little family reunion in Logan. We go to the cheese factory and fill up on the cheese and ice cream. Then we illogically go picnicking in 20 degree weather. We chatter and freeze and then go sledding. Clara, Nolan and I slept all the way home. Poor Josh had to suffer awake to keep us all alive. I think it was worth it.

We didn't even start sledding until an hour after Nolan's naptime. He was sooooo tired! We would send him down the hill and he would just sit there. Exactly like that. Not moving a muscle. It was so funny.

Clara had the best time of all. She even carried the sled up by herself a couple of times.


BreeAnn said...

man you are so talented with cakes! I am jealous...in a good way! good job!

Emily McKenzie said...

Nice job on the cakes! I like the second and the last wedding cake. That godzilla cake is awesome! I really need to keep in better contact with you. I'll probably call you after I get back from DC. Expect my call and don't ignore me! :)

Sierra said...

Those look beautiful. I'm so glad that you were my teacher. Now, when you get famous, I can say "I know her. She was my teacher when I started doing cakes."

Melanie said...

Your decorating talent never ceases to amaze me. Good job!

Treasa said...

Thanks for the comment on my pictures. I took them at Memory Grove.