Random Act of Kindness

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is still good in this world! It ain't comin' from me, but there's good out there.

Clara got a kitty from Build A Bear and a $10 gift card, to buy accessories, from Santa this year. She was so excited to use her own "credit card" to buy something she picked out, so we headed off to Fashion Place.
First of all, the mall was crazy! I think it was the day after Christmas and I had NO idea that it would be such a madhouse. Clara put her card in her back pocket and we trudged through the crouds to the Build A Bear store. The line there was HUGE but she had fun picking out some pajamas and slippers for her kitty. (we would supplement Santa's meager givings)

We got in line and Josh, being the chatty cathy he is, started talking to the lady behind us about how Clara was so excited about her gift card and yada yada. We get up to the counter and I tell her to take out her card. She looked like she was about to die when she reached into her back pocket and nothing was there. I scolded her for losing it. I feel bad. Especially now. We had talked about making sure she didn't lose it. I made her put the slippers back. I said I'd SUPPLEMENT, not pay for it all.

The lady behind us must have overheard the fiasco and she reached into her wallet and pulled out a $20 bill. She leaned down to Clara and said "Here Honey. Now you can get whatever you want. And I bet you'll have a little leftover to go buy some cookies after."

Clara gave her a big hug and I stood there feeling mean and thankful at the same time. I thanked her many times. I felt like I should have given it back but I know how it feels when I try to give someone something and they reject it, so I let it happen.

I'm going to pay it forward, as soon as I get the 20 bucks to do it. What a sweet lady.

On a completely different note, I made another cake. This one was for a friend of a friend of a friend. An artist cake. It was loads of fun to do.


Emily McKenzie said...

How nice! That lady was great to do that for Clara. And you want to pay it forward eh? Well I know of a poor law student that would love $20. Just kidding! Cute cake too!

Stephanie said...

that is so cool! Definitely blog worthy. And I love your cake.