Friday, September 5, 2008

The last few days I've been a little annoyed with Nolan. He's been kind of whiny and really clingy. He just didn't want to crawl around anymore. He'd make me pick him up and carry him everywhere. Not very convenient.
Then two days ago, he was crawling around and I thought it was so cute! He would get on his arms and knees instead of his hands and knees. He looked like a little lion, getting ready to pounce. I even mentioned to Josh how cute it was.
That night, I went to a card class and I had my mom watch the kids for me. When I stopped by her house to pick them up afterwards, she said that she thought Nolan might have hurt his arm. He'd been crawling funny and any time he put pressure on his hand, he'd cry. He couldn't pull himself up very well either. Ding, ding! I'm an idiot.
He'd been doing that for like four days and I just thought it was either cute or annoying. What kind of a mom am I? It took, max, two hours for my mom to figure it out. So I was feeling really bad and I decided if it was still bothering him in the morning, I'd take him to the doctor's.
Of course it still bothered him. He'd been crying about it, unbeknownst to me, for four or five days. What's one night gonna do? So we made an appointment and got him in there. The doctor didn't think anything was wrong with him and only let us take him to x-ray to appease us. He said he didn't have any symptoms of a broken bone, but he didn't want to blow us off. So we went down to x-ray and had that done, went back upstairs to the doc's office, waited, waited and waited and finally he came in and had us look at the x-rays. Lo and behold, it was broken. We have to take him in to get a cast on Monday. Poor boy.
What is wrong with my children? Clara broke her leg when she was 13 months old. Nolan is 8 months old. Aren't babies supposed to have rubber bones? It takes a lot to break a baby's bone. Clara fell down like six stairs, and landed on carpet and her leg broke. I can't even figure out what Nolan did to break his arm. He was throwing a fit in the bathtub the other day, but he doesn't like water that much. Or it could have been when he rolled down three stairs, but he didn't even cry. My kid falls so much, it could have been anything. I hope it doesn't happen again!
I'll post pics on Monday, after he has his cute tiny cast.


Melanie said...

Oh, poor boy! How sad for him. And you aren't a bad mother. Your own mom is just more experienced, and since she isn't always around him it is probably easier for her to step away from the situation and see it more clearly, you know?

Stewart's said...

Oh, sad! You are not a bad mom...our moms are just more experienced, that's all! I hope he starts feeling better soon. I'll watch for the little cast pictures!

Emily McKenzie said...

Oh sadness! Poor Nolan. I remember getting that picture of Clara in her cast on my mission. You aren't a bad mom! I can't even imagine what I'll do when I have kids. "If I don't see blood we're not going to the doctor!" That'll be my line. I want to see pictures. I also think its hard with Nolan because he is so easy going. So its hard to tell with him sometimes I think.

The Schmidts said...

Sad! Boys are accident prone I tell you!! That is too sad. I don't think I would have picked up on it either, I would have just thought it was some new crawl he was trying out, so don't feel too bad! Heck each time Gavin needed stitches I took him to my Mom first to tell me if he needed them or not!! Good luck with the cast, I'm sure it will be cute!!

Stephanie said...

oh, poor little dude. What's weird is my son has a death wish and he has had no broken bones. He's fallen out of a two story window, ran out in front of cars, supermanned from the table to the piano (cut himself, that's all), just yesterday at daycare he split his top gum on their table (so gross, but it could have been worse).... My point is not to say my kid is better but to sympathize. Your kids seem so much more less likely than my own to have broken bones -- what's up with that?

Sierra said...

Avary broke her arm on Mother's Day this year, but we knew right away. What is wrong with you??!! (Just kidding!) It isn't fun is it?? Hope he is OK!!

Melanie said...

Hey Janelle, I found this blog through a friends and thought you might enjoy it!
There are some pretty funny cakes there. Unless it was your wedding cake. Then it wouldn't be funny!