Lazy Morning

Monday, March 3, 2008

I had big plans for today. Big plans. I was going to go to the gym, get the kids lookin cute, clean up the house, go shopping and a million other things. Um, didn't happen. I woke up at 7 cause the kid wanted to eat, fed him, got out of bed, threw on some workout clothes and Josh walked in. I'm not saying he screwed me up. I'm just saying that was the turning point. I had some stuff I wanted to show him on the puter so we spent a few minutes doing that. Then he went to bed and the baby woke up. Can't excercise with a screaming baby, can you? So I sat down at the computer and started setting up our blog page. If I was technically savy, I think I might be done by now, but you know how long it took me to figure out how to get the tunes on here? Way too long. So my accomplishments for the day thus far are getting my workout clothes on (if you're not actually working out, I think the term is frumpy), and making my first blog post. At least that's something. We'll call it family history work. The house is still a mess, the kids look like orphans at best, Josh is passed out, and the fridge is empty. Its all good. It'll get done someday.We've had fun though. The baby's been sleeping soundly almost the whole time. Of course he won't let me put him down. Every time I try to sneak onto the treadmill he freaks. Clara's been looking through one of my cake magazines. She thinks I'm going to make her the castle cake for her next birthday. I guess we'll see about that. Quality time. Anyway, hopefully I get more productive as the day goes on. Hey, if I don't at least I won't have to get the kids in their pajamas by bed time. They'll already be wearing them!


The Schmidts said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got your blog set up! Its cute! I'm still trying to figure things out on here too! Cute though!!

Melanie said...

Janelle, you're funny! The blog is fun to read because of your writing. (And because of the cute pictures of your kids!)